Benny Rodrigues most influential Dutch DJ

Benny Rodrigues

VPRO 3voor12 has crowned DJ Benny Rodrigues as the most influential Dutch DJ. A nice boost for this musical workaholic!

VPRO 3voor12 asked around ninety DJs from Dutch dance history who they saw as the greatest inspiration. No dj was mentioned as often as Benny Rodrigues, who was praised for his work ethic, his passion and the unfathomable knowledge with which he can manipulate any possible setting.


A quarter of the participants, who put together a top five of their greatest inspirations as DJs for the election, mentioned Benny Rodrigues. Half of them also put Rodrigues at number 1. Joris Voorn calls him ‘the most versatile and hardworking DJ in the Netherlands’. His vision, knowledge and love for music is unparalleled and is something I look up to enormously. There is no one who can read and play on a dance floor like Benny the walking encyclopedia Rodrigues

List of crown jewels

Benny Rodrigues leads a list that reflects the richness of Dutch dance history. At number two is the Hague hero I-F, an uncompromising DJ who, as an underground, has influenced not only Dutch DJs but also international superstars like Nina Kraviz.

At number three is Steve Rachmad, the iconic techno DJ known for years as Mr. Awakenings. In addition, the list ranges from pioneers like RoXY headliner Eddy de Clercq to Miss Djax, who played a prominent role in techno history as label founder of Djax Records, to Tiësto.

In addition, the list includes relative newcomers who are already garnering the admiration of their veteran colleagues. The top ten most influential DJs:

  1. Benny Rodrigues
  2. I-F
  3. Steve Rachmad
  4. Speedy J
  5. Dimitri
  6. Carista
  7. Antal
  8. Sandrien
  9. Eddy de Clercq
  10. Miss Djax


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