Bergmann Audio Modi: listening to air


The Bergmann Audio Modi is a turntable equipped with a dampening air bearing, a specialty of the Danish brand.

The air bearing in the new Bergmann Audio Modi should guarantee as little ‘bearing noise’ (i.e. noises caused by the bearing itself) as possible. Decoupling from the environment is also a nice touch.

Furthermore, you can mount two tone arms on this player, using either the tangential arm from the stables of Bergmann himself or (and) a classic radial one. Anything between 9 and 12 inches may be used.

The plinth is made – milled – from one piece of composit material. The turntable is made of aluminum and weighs 7.5 pounds.

Air filter keeps it dust free

The platter is belt-driven by a high-precision DC motor, according to Bergmann. The electronics for controlling the motor as well as the air supply are in a separate housing. This unit should by the way be so quiet that it can be placed in the listening room without any issues. (Which seems somewhat logical considering what you are going to do with the whole thing).

Practical is the air filter, which should keep the internal parts and mechanics dust-free. The Modi is available immediately for €6950. More information can be found on the product page of the newcomer.

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