D-Link fast router DIR-X5460 with Wi-Fi 6


D-Link introduces its fastest router to date: the DIR-X5460 with Wi-Fi 6, which is well suited for robust high-resolution video streams.

D-Link presents a lightning-fast router. The premium Wi-Fi 6 model is available immediately. The AX5400 Wi-Fi 6 Router – DIR-X5460 – offers a huge boost in capacity and bandwidth thanks to advanced WLAN AX technology. Wireless speeds of up to 5,400 Mbps are ideal for the home or small office. With the DIR-X5460, users can enjoy unlimited Ultra HD and 4K/8K video streaming and are well equipped for the latest generation of gaming consoles with Wi-Fi 6 support. The router is also compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, making it a perfect addition to the smart home.

The power of Wi-Fi 6: 4K/8K streaming

With the current generation of gaming consoles, a new gaming era has arrived, promising breathtaking gaming experiences. In addition, the latest 4K/8K televisions offer razor-sharp images making video streaming a true home theater experience. Essential to this is a network that delivers the right speed. The DIR-X5460 combines a 1.5GHz tri-core processor with a host of innovative technologies that take the Wi-Fi experience to a new level, especially for bandwidth-hungry applications such as streaming and online gaming. Equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 dual-band technology, the router increases data throughput by up to 25 percent compared to the previous WLAN AC standard thanks to fast 1024 QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) and a maximum channel bandwidth of 160 MHz. In the 5 GHz range, the new D-Link router achieves transfer rates of up to 4,800 Mbps. In the 2.4 GHz range, speeds of up to 600 Mbps are possible. Combined, data can be transmitted at up to 5,400 Mbps.

The ultimate router for the home

D-Link’s new premium router features Gigabit Ethernet WAN and four Gigabit LAN ports. Link aggregation on two of the LAN ports provides a total wired bandwidth of 2 Gbps. Integrated transmit amplifiers, beamforming and BSS coloring extend the range of the WLAN and direct the signal: an advantage in “noisy” WLAN environments with many neighbors. Six parallel streams and the new Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) technology combined with MU-MIMO improve overall network efficiency. Data is transmitted faster to integrated devices on the network while latency decreases. This makes it easy to transmit large amounts of data, such as digital TV, virtual reality gaming and 4K/8K video streaming across multiple devices simultaneously. Thanks to Target Wake Time (TWT), the router also offers better battery life for connected battery-powered devices. WPA3 secures the wireless network with the most secure wireless encryption standard. The new D-Link DIR-X5460 router is ideal as the heart of a smart home with many wireless devices.

Easy operation via app and voice control

The new D-Link Wi-Fi 6 router can be easily controlled via the free D-Link Wi-Fi app, which also sets up the device in no time. A useful feature for parents: to prevent children from being constantly online during the current pandemic, the parental control feature allows you to individually determine when which devices can access the Internet. The DIR-X5460 can also be controlled via voice control: via smart voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, users can activate or deactivate access to the WLAN, check access data or reboot the system.

D-Link DIR-X5460 – key features

  • Dualband Wi-Fi 6 router with transfer rates up to 5,400 Mbps (600 Mbps at 2.4 GHz; 4,800 Mbps at 5 GHz)
  • MU-MIMO and OFDMA for more efficient data transfer to many end devices
  • 1 x 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet WAN port
  • 4 x 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports (link aggregation possible)
  • 6 x external antennas for longer range
  • 1 x SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port, 1 x USB 2.0 port
  • WPA-3 security standard
  • Installation and configuration with D-Link Wi-Fi App
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google

The DIR-X5460 is available now for a suggested retail price of 226.00 Euro.


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