Goldmund Eidos Reference SACD Player


Do you still have a collection of CDs and SACDs? Then the new Goldmund Eidos Reference SACD player will come in very handy.

The new Goldmund Eidos Reference SACD player can handle all common discs. It not only plays CDs, but also SACDs and audio data from DVDs. CD-R and CD-RW playback is also effortless, provided the once home-burned discs still work at all. The Eidos turns out to be not only an (SA) CD player, but also a DAC. It will, thanks to the USB input, support a maximum PCM sampling rate of 384 kHz. DoP up to DSD512 is also possible.

110 kilos

Goldmund reports that the Eidos Reference is the result of a lengthy project in which disk mechanisms were investigated. In the end, the Swiss manufacturer chose a disk drive from D&M, which was integrated into a system by Goldmund itself. A magnetic damping improves the stiffness of the drive. Each player is hand-built in Geneva and ultimately weighs 110 kilos.

Choose from a classic aluminum finish or go for a new matte black look. Should you be interested, please strike. Goldmund is asking a sum of €200,000 for this ultimate player. You can enjoy your physical music collection for many years to come!

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