Huawei FreeBuds 4i in-ears with ANC


Although Huawei is not really on the list of “most wanted” companies outside of China, it makes nice products, such as the new FreeBuds 4i.

Huawei has suffered – probably somewhat justifiably – a substantial dent in its image. But these are communication devices that are incorporated into critical parts of the communication infrastructure. Think professional routers, 5G stuff and more but certainly also cell phones. There is a chance that they contain software or hardware that communicates with the ‘home front’ without the end user noticing. Far-fetched, but not so far-fetched when you consider that the Chinese state is basically the boss of the equally Chinese telecom giant, and has other ‘interests’ than selling hardware.

Now the average citizen consumer will no doubt care about that, but most people just search for the lowest price. And in that respect Huawei has some pretty nice stuff in its range. For example, the new FreeBuds 4iin-ears.

Long playing time

What is particularly striking about the FreeBuds 4i is the low price. And ANC is still present. ANC or Active Noise Cancelling is something that is usually only found in more expensive in-ears. The Huawei FreeBuds 4i, however, sells for about $110 USD. Moreover, these are truly wireless copies, with a nice playing time of 7.5 hours on a full battery (ANC enabled, without ANC even 10 hours). Should you be faced with an empty battery during use, a quick 10 minute top-up will provide up to 4 hours of playing time.

Huawei has used 10 mm drivers, optimized for – so the manufacturer says – pop music. The caps are available from about now. And for all those who have some fear of privacy-related issues: the chances of data being leaked via a Bluetooth in-ear are not very high.

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