Linn presents the brand new Linn Klimax DSM


The Linn Klimax DSM is a complete redesign of the flagship streamer that has been impressing many enthusiasts since 2007.

What immediately stands out about the new Linn Klimax DSM is its custom-designed cabinet. This not only provides a luxurious look and feel but also guarantees acoustic insulation.

The beating heart of the device is formed by the Organik DAC. This is completely designed in-house and, according to the manufacturer, contains 50 years of audio innovation and 30 years of digital expertise. FPGA processing is coupled with a discreetly built converter, which Linn says allows it to gain complete control over each step of the D/A conversion for the first time.

For the manufacturer, Organik further ensures significantly lower noise and distortion values, achieving the most accurate digital-to-analog conversion. And that, in turn, should lead to revealing even the most minute details in the music listened to, thus ensuring intimate contact with what matters. Music, that is.

The Organik DAC from Linn delivers a quality of up to 24 bit / 384 kHz, including DSD up to DSD256. In addition to digital sources, you can also connect analog sources if you wish; these also benefit fully from the analog part of the Limax DSM. Furthermore, streaming is among the possibilities; integrated is the support of Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify Connect, Airplay, Roon, TuneIn and Calm Radio.

Solid housing with separate compartments

Linn lets us know that in-house manufacturing results in, among other things, precision work that gives the enclosure a very small margin of tolerance. As mentioned, that housing plays a crucial role in the entire playback process. Made of solid ‘special grade’ aluminum, the weight of the whole coupled with internal damping ensures a separation of vibrations in the room.

Furthermore, separate compartments provide separation between analog and digital parts of the circuit, with the power supply also provided with its own shielded section.

Choose from Audio or AV version

Two variants of the Linn Klimax DSM are available: the Klimax DSM (Audio) for use with ‘regular’ sources and the Linn Klimax DSM (AV) for use with HDMI connections. Each of the versions costs €30,000. Also new is the Klimax System Hub (€15,000), optimized for use with the Klimax 350 speakers or Klimax Exactbox.

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