Live Stream Triple Test – ATC – Grimm Audio – Dutch & Dutch

This Sunday – 28-03-2021 – we will go live again at 10:30 CET with three great, active, speakers. This time the Grimm LS1a, the Dutch & Dutch 8C and the ATC SCM40A. Yes: this trio has visited us before, but we have now leveled the battlefield. All are around 10,000 euros per pair.

Active speakers are, oddly enough, a hugely under-appreciated product in the hi-fi world. We deliberately say oddly enough, because active systems have many advantages. Think of advantages in crossovers, perfectly matched amplification, fewer cabinets and fewer cables. So what is the downside? That is what we are asking ourselves. And that is why we have organized this second round.


We wrote to all the brands we are in touch with and know of: Kii, Dynaudio, HEDD, ATC, Grimm, Genelec, Quested, Adam, Dutch & Dutch… and probably a few more that we are forgetting right now. Some brands didn’t have a model, some brands are just not to be found in the Netherlands anymore – Adam for example – and other brands didn’t see really want to be ‘streamed live’ in this context.


This stream, Tim Knol is going to play for you. As with the other musicians, we will record one track for the test. We’re also going to play this track on the test candidates to determine how these speakers reproduce it; the best reference is live music, right?

Live Stream Test – Three active beauties!

We hope to have you join us on the stream on Sunday!



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