Makroaudio MC-250 MKII power cord


Germany’s Makroaudio has created a new, pleasantly priced audiophile power cord: the MC-250 MKII.

Makroaudio’s new MC-250 MKII is manufactured in Germany, using 3 x 2.5 mm2 copper as its base. The individual wires that make up the cables (i.e. the wires) are nice and thin, creating a flexible whole. At the same time the cores are twisted together more tightly than is usual with this type of wire, which in turn should lead to a higher induction in cooperation with ferrite cores. And that, according to the manufacturer, benefits the sound quality, while also reducing HF disturbances.

Lite and Black Edition

Two versions of the Makroaudio MC-250 MKII are available. The Lite version has a braided shield in blue and black, a nickel-plated mains plug and a Euro plug with copper contacts and nickel-plated cable sleeves.

In addition, a ferrite bead near the Euro plug provides interference suppression. The more expensive Black Edition features two of these ferrite beads, as well as a mains plug with gold-plated contacts and a Furutech Europlug also with gold-plated contacts. The standard length is extendable in 50 centimeter increments.

The Lite version costs €89 (1 meter) to €119 for 2.5 meters. The Black Edition (pictured at the top of this article) costs €115 (1 meter) and for 2.5 meters you pay €149. And those are still far from extreme prices for a decent mains cable.

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