Meze Audio celebrates 10 years: Empyrean Limited Edition


Meze Audio has been around for ten years and is celebrating that happy fact by rolling out a very limited version of the Empyrean headphones.

The chances of getting your hands on a Meze Audio Empyrean Phoenix (as the jubilee is officially called) headphone in a limited edition are unfortunately not very large. In fact, because of its tenth anniversary, the manufacturer has released exactly 100 of them. Each of these anniversary headphones has a unique serial number and a CNC molded housing. Also special is the flame-based hand-painted design.

The anniversary Empyrean Phoenix once again utilizes isodynamic array drivers. A technology that reportedly came into “our” hands thanks to espionage activities during the Cold War. The technology is based on a diaphragm suspended between two coils, as opposed to the traditional arrangement of a moving diaphragm and a central electromagnet.

Leather and Alcantara ear pads included

The Meze Audo Empyrean Phoenix has a price tag of $4000 US dollars. You get two ear pads with it, one made of leather and the other of Alcantara. Furthermore, there is an upgrade option to a ‘high purity oxygen free’ copper cable of your choice. Something for the true aficionado of this brand, and one who wants to get his hands on something very special.

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