Netflix timer prevents running out of Android phone


For anyone who ever falls asleep during a binge watch session on Netflix, there is hope: a timer for Android phones.

Netflix is currently testing a sleep timer in its Android app. The idea is simple: you set a maximum play time (currently 15, 30 or 45 minutes, or until the end of what is currently playing). After that time, streaming stops. That should prevent your phone’s battery from being completely drained after waking up – the next morning, for example…. Of course, this feature is also interesting for Netflix itself, as it saves needless bandwidth.

Bring it on!

As mentioned, it’s all in testing for now. But if it catches on, chances are you will soon find it on a whole series of other devices as well.

Apple devices already had a similar feature, in the form of a sleep timer for playing music. Anyway, sleep timers are – as far as we are concerned – always welcome. Under the hood, it is not too complicated code to realize. So it may – again as far as we are concerned – stay.

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