Philips TVs with Mimi sound adjustment


Philips announces that most of its new 2021 Android TVs will come with Mimi Sound Personalization technology.

Sound sounds slightly different for everyone. It depends on personal taste and hearing curve. Moreover, the frequency range of human hearing naturally changes with advancing age, with the high tones in particular suffering. Hence, Mimi Sound Personalization Technology is a most curious idea.

Mimi is intended to be present on this year’s Philips Android televisions. With Mimi, you go through a hearing test, which optimizes the sound for your ears based on the measurement results. By the way, the test is performed on an iOS or Android mobile device (e.g. a smartphone), via a QR code you transfer the generated hearing profile to the TV.

Guest Profile

Of course, you can also (temporarily) disable the personal hearing profile via a guest profile, so that if you watch TV together, everyone gets the same sound.

The hearing profile used in future Philips televisions uses about 100 parameters to “tune” your ears. If the name Mimi sounds familiar to you, it may. It has previously been used in TVs and (or) headphones from Loewe, Beyerdynamic, Bragi and Xellence. Philips introduced Mimi earlier in China, this year it will be rolled out on a large scale in Europe for the first time.

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