Polestar 2 offers premium audio experience


The Polestar 2 offers a new take on various audio features by integrating high-quality components and the latest technology.

To develop the audio system of the Polestar 2, the digital sound engineers were given carte blanche to create a new sound for this car. Thus, the warning, notification and functional sounds developed uniquely for Polestar have a robotic, digital sound while remaining clean and clear.

Clean and high-tech

“We wanted the sounds of the Polestar 2 to reflect our minimalist and digital nature,” says Thomas Ingenlath. “The different tones of our unique sounds sound clean and high-tech. Their clarity also enhances safety for the driver, who is alerted with an immediate and distinctive sound.”

Harman Kardon

The Polestar 2’s Plus Package includes a premium audio system. The Harman Kardon sound system with 13 speakers and 600 watts guarantees a perfect audio experience and features unique technology. The system includes a rear-mounted, ventilated subwoofer that provides high-quality bass, and a second, air-driven subwoofer at dashboard level.

Hidden speakers

According to the manufacturer, the Harman Kardon system not only stands out for its exceptional sound quality, it also offered Polestar’s interior designers the opportunity to do things differently. The speakers are hidden in strategic locations in the interior. For example, the speakers in the front doors, which usually take up valuable space, have been placed higher up on the door panels and behind high-quality fabric panels.

This not only frees up extra space in the lower door compartments, but also contributes to the overall design theme of the Polestar 2. Both front doors are equipped with a button made of polished metal, which is inspired by high-end fashion and features the well-known Harman Kardon ’60°’ motif. This motif is also found on the speaker grille on top of the dashboard, which also subtly features the Harman Kardon logo.

Remote Update

As with the other digital components in the Polestar 2, OTA (Over The Air) updates make it possible to remotely update improvements and new features for the audio system. For example, a new surround sound mode is included in the February 2021 OTA release and more updates will be released over time.

Audio development goes beyond just the sounds the Polestar 2 makes itself – it also includes the sounds coming in from outside. The lack of engine noise makes it relatively easy to create a lot of calmness in the interior, but it also brings new challenges.

Get rid of intrusive noises

To reduce intrusive road noise, for example, the batteries are optimally integrated into the package of measures for the lowest possible NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness). The interior noise level is 3.7 dB lower than that of an equivalent internal combustion engine car, allowing Polestar’s sound engineers to create a specific experience for Polestar 2’s occupants.

About Polestar

Polestar is the Swedish independent premium electric performance car brand founded by Volvo Cars and Geely Holding in 2017. Polestar benefits from technological and engineering synergies with Volvo Cars and exploits significant economies of scale as a result. The brand is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and sells cars in ten markets in Europe, North America and China.

Polestar produces two electric performance cars. The Polestar 1 is a small-scale electric performance hybrid GT with a carbon fiber body, 609 hp, 1,000 Nm and an electric range of 124 km (WLTP) – the largest range among hybrid cars. The Polestar 2, an electric performance fastback, is the brand’s first all-electric car to be produced on a large scale. Launched in 2020, it has 300 kW, 660 Nm and a maximum range of 470 km (WLTP).

In the future, the portfolio will be extended by the Polestar 3, an electric performance SUV, and by the Polestar Precept, a design study presented in 2020. The Precept shows the vision of the brand’s future in terms of sustainability, digital technology and design.

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