Rega presents Kyte book shelf speaker


The cabinet of the new Rega Kyte bookshelf speaker is based on a phenolic resin, which has great natural stiffness.

One of the reasons Rega is switching to a plastic cabinet no doubt has to do with a cost issue. Indeed, according to the manufacturer, the cabinet cost of the new Rega Kyte is one-third of that of other similar British speakers. At the same time, the phenolic resin-based cabinet should boast high natural rigidity, which is further enhanced by the use of ceramic plates and cross-wire reinforcements.


In the interior of the Rega Kyte, you will find the homegrown ZRR tweeter and handmade MX-125 bass-midrange driver. The latter features a four-layer voice coil. An additional advantage of the new Rega speaker is that it is “desk friendly”. The compact speakers have a size of only 32.5 x 18.8 x 23.2 centimeters which means they take up little space.

Whether the switch to a plastic cabinet – a long-held dream according to Rega – of the ‘Made in England’ Kyte is ultimately a good thing? We wisely leave that choice to you. But in the end, of course, some more plastic ends up on the dump. The speakers are available immediately at £499 per pair.

By the way, the naming is a nod to a classic Rega model of yesteryear.

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