Ruark R1 MK4 table radio in fourth revision


The table radio Ruark R1 MK4 has arrived at already its fourth revision, making it a success story.

The Ruark R1 MK4 is already fourteen years old and has reached its fourth MK4 edition. Obviously, several things have been renewed. We also see that in one area a step back has been taken to keep the price competitive: the MK4 is the first version of the R1 without a wooden casing. The iconic front has remained in wood.

It is not only the cost that has forced Ruark to switch to plastic, it is an acoustic polymer coated with a layer that should improve the sound quality (and acoustics). The new speaker feels like a fish in water. Also new is the amplifier and an OLED display.


The Ruark R1 MK4 receives both DAB+ and FM and thanks to the Bluetooth module, the radio can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker linked to your smartphone, for example. Music stored on a USB stick – also in FLAC and WAV format – can be played through the USB connection that also functions as a charger if desired. For older devices, an analog line input is available. Optionally available are a remote control and battery pack. The latter allows for mobile use, should you feel the need. The new Ruark costs €299.

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