Schiit Audio Loki Mini+ 4-band tone controller


Schiit Audio presents the new Loki Mini+ 4-band tone controller, designed to improve the sound of somewhat inferior speakers.

Schiit Audio has released the new Loki Mini+ 4-band tone controller to bring speakers that sound just a bit too dark, flat or bright more in line and more pleasing to the ear. To that end, the Loki Mini+ has a discreetly implemented current-feedback amplifier stage on board. Together with three LC filters and a gyrator for the bass, Alps potentiometers create an adjustable 4-band filter. And if you get tired of filtered sound, there is a bypass button. Once set, you have nothing else to worry about.

Made in the USA

The Schiit Audio Loki Mini+ is entirely designed and manufactured in California. Only the mains adapter is ‘made in China’, but that’s done to keep the price nice – $149 USD. A nice device for a slightly less performing set of speakers in the hobby room, for example. Of course, you do not magically turn a very bad speaker into a perfect sounding one with a tone control like this. The best option is still not to use a tone control or equalizer, the speaker itself should simply provide a correct sound image.

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