Sonos Roam portable speaker on the way


News is popping up here and there that a new (and reasonably affordable) portable Bluetooth speaker from Sonos is on the way; it is called the Sonos Roam.

There are – it seems – a lot of leaks by manufacturers these days. You can even wonder if it’s done ‘by accident’. Because let’s face it: a ‘discovered’ leak attracts much more attention than the rollout of the umpteenth – for example – Bluetooth speaker.

And speaking of leaked Bluetooth speakers, according to the rumor mill, the Sonos Roam is about to be released. The Verge (see screenshot at the top of this article) writes to be in touch with someone who knows everything about the new device, right down to its exact dimensions (6.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches). Including the price which should be $169 USD.

Wireless charging

The nice thing is that regular news sites are also on top of these kinds of leaks. Chances are that if it had not been a leak but a regular press release regarding a new Sonos speaker, no or much less attention would have been paid to it.

Anyway, the Sonos Roam is still rumored to appear sometime next month. Should you want it, a wireless charger is available at an additional cost of $49. Very soon (probably even tomorrow) the newcomer should be officially presented.

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