Spotify checks opinion price increase


Spotify is checking the opinion of customers in England regarding a possible price increase; a survey has been launched for this purpose.

Music Business Worldwide reports in this article that Spotify has a survey underway on customers’ willingness to pay more for their subscriptions. This will involve price increases of £1 for the Premium subscription, £2 for Duo and £5 for Family. It’s a striking move by the music service, as only recently Spotify claimed that price increases on a music streaming service above a £9.99/$9.99 amount will quickly drive people back to illegal downloads. The price increase came up at the time because record labels were asking for it, to accommodate revenue struggling musicians.

HiFi price not yet known

Why Spotify changed its mind is not clear. It is also not clear whether this price increase will only apply to the UK or will be rolled out much more widely. And if there ever will be an increase of course. And then there is the question of what the other music services – many of which are also under that ‘magical’ tenner in monthly fees – will do.

It could also be that the price increase that is being considered is specifically for England, perhaps because of additional costs around Brexit. For the rest, the price for the hi-fi subscription previously announced by Spotify is still unknown.

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