‘Apple developing speakers with screen’


According to the rumors, Apple is working on totally new smart speakers, this time equipped with a screen.

Perhaps it is less strange than some thought when it was announced that Apple was discontinuing the HomePod. Bloomberg reports – just read the whole article – that behind the scenes work is being done on completely new speakers for the brand. This time even with a display. Not a very strange thought, because the other speaker brands have similar variants in their range. You could say it is a tablet on a standmount with a (decent) speaker built into it.

Google and Amazon

Google already has the Nest Hub for those looking for something like that. The Hub incorporates a 10-inch touch screen. You can watch daily news, the weather forecast, Netflix and more on it. Chromecast is also built in. Video calling is also not a problem thanks to the built-in 6.5 Megapixel camera. It’s nice for the nightstand, for example, or on the table in the living room.

Amazon’s Echo Show 10 features a rotating screen that automatically – in terms of viewing direction… – when you walk across the room. Handy if you have a conversation via the built-in 13 Megapixel camera, so you always stay on screen.

In short: the major players in the field of smart speakers are busy developing. The question remains how big the market will ultimately prove to be for such gadgets, especially now that everyone has smartphones with large screens and (or) tablets in their homes.

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