Apple TV+: more content on the go?


Apple TV+ is a nice streaming service for a modest subscription price (even free for most users for now). But it lacks content.

Apple TV+ is marketed to serve as an affordable streaming service for users of Apple devices. It is less focused on quantity and more on quality. In the form of high-quality own productions. Indeed, there are productions, and you will certainly find gems on it. But the pace of new growth is low. Too low, possibly, given the fact that Apple has hired Jessie Henderson. He is the former “executive vice president” of the HBO Max streaming service. He joins other newly hired hotshots from the world.

Drawing from multiple sources

Apple TV+ had a goal of releasing no more than 12 movies per year. As mentioned, all in-house production. Fine, of course, but at some point you will have had enough. If only because not all subjects will interest you. A recently signed agreement with Skydance for cartoons and shows will undoubtedly provide more content. A deal with Imagine Entertainment for movies is also being considered. Furthermore, Apple bought the Sundance film Coda. In short: keep an eye on the streaming service in the near future.

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