Black Forest presents DÄD!CLÄMP record clamp

Black Forest

The DÄD!CLÄMP from Black Forest is a device that actually lives up to its name and ensures that your record is firmly attached, which should improve sound quality.

A record clamp is a standard accessory for every turntable. The ones that come with it are usually not very good. And so a thriving market for alternatives has emerged.

The most recent is a real record clamp (most are actually weights), because here you actually clamp the record between them. It means that Black Forest’s DÄD!CLÄMP could remain lightweight (100 grams). A special mix of plastics has been used, which should ensure a separation of the mechanical energy influences, the manufacturer reports.

Axis and platen clamp adjustable

The advantage of the Black Forest DÄD!CLÄMP is that you can precisely adjust the pressure of the clamp. One of the two rings is used to connect the unit to the axis of the turntable and the other to adjust the clamping force on the record.

By the way, the shaft of your player should ideally have a diameter of between 6.8 and 7.2 mm. If you want to secure your records with adjustable force, the DÄD!CLÄMP is a nice option. The price tag attached to this piece of equipment shows a sum of €298.

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