Black Rhodium presents Operetta USB cable

Black Rhodium

The true high-end enthusiast naturally pays attention to cabling. The new Black Rhodium Operetta USB cable may be of interest.

Even digital cables can suffer from noise and nasty reflections. Hence the new Black Rhodium Operetta USB cable has a noise filter in the power lines. According to the manufacturer, this should suppress noise that is transported via the 5 Volt power supply. The low noise cable also has a shield that guarantees – again according to the manufacturer – an important reduction of distortion caused by external RFI and EMI. In other words: the cable must not be affected by electromagnetic and HF radiation.

Up to 4.5 meters

The Black Rhodium Operetta USB cable will cost you £450 for a one-meter version. Lengths of up to 4.5 meters are also available on request. So if you want to give the digital side of your hi-fi system a boost, this cable may be a step in the right direction.

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