Denon and Marantz deliver 4K/120 Hz and 8K HDMI kit


Denon and Marantz will soon be delivering the SPK618 HDMI adapter, designed to address 4K/120 Hz and 8K compatibility issues. Affected customers will receive the device free of charge.

Denon and Marantz will soon be providing the SPK618 HDMI adapter, designed to address compatibility issues between Denon and Marantz A/V receivers that support 4K/120 and 8K video resolutions and game consoles that support 4K/120Hz and 8K video resolution output.

The adapter will be provided free of charge to customers with the AVR models listed below during the warranty period.

The trigger

Some new 8K source devices that support output in 4K/120Hz and 8K video resolution did not work fully with Denon and Marantz 8K AVRs. When users tried to output 4K/120 or 8K from these specific 8K sources, the 4K/120 or 8K video could not be sent through the AVR. This problem occurred even when the AVR’s “8K Enhanced” menu/GUI option was enabled.

To mitigate the problem, Denon and Marantz advised users to connect the game console directly to the display and then send the audio back to the AVR via ARC or eARC. Another workaround was to output the 8K source in 4K/60 resolution. At that video resolution, the AVR was able to pass the picture on without any problems.

With the new SPK618 HDMI adapter, these workarounds are no longer necessary and the problem is a thing of the past.

The SPK618 adapter

The SPK618 adapter corrects the HDMI input signal from the console/source and delivers the corrected HDMI data to the AVR, ensuring compatibility. The SPK618 adapter is available to customers who own one of the AVRs listed below and are experiencing the throughput issue.

Users are advised to update the firmware of their AVR. This will ensure adapter compatibility even if their products are not set to Auto Update.


The adapter will ship in Europe starting at the end of May 2021. Applicable models

  • Denon AVC-A110
  • Denon AVC-X6700H
  • Denon AVC-X4700H
  • Denon AVC-X3700H
  • Denon AVR-X2700H
  • Denon AVR-X2700HDAB
  • Denon AVR-S960H
  • Marantz AV7706
  • Marantz SR8015
  • Marantz SR7015
  • Marantz SR6015
  • Marantz SR5015
  • Marantz SR5015DAB
  • Marantz NR1711

How do I get the adapter for Denon and Marantz products?

Consumers who have any of the above receivers do not need to send anything in or modify their products at home. The low-profile adapter will be provided free of charge to customers with the AVR models listed during the warranty period.

Follow these steps to receive the SPK618:

Step 1: Go to or

Step 2: fill out the form with the required information

Step 3: once the SPK618 HDMI adapter is received, users should update the AVR’s firmware.

This process is only valid for owners residing in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Customers in other countries should contact the retailer where they purchased their product. A definitely neat solution, it can be said! For more information: see the Denon website or the Marantz site.

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