Google Play Movies & TV disappears from smart TVs


As of June 15 this year, it’s over and done with the Google Play Movies & TV app on smart TVs and Roku devices. You can only use YouTube.

That the use of Google services is always bound to have some uncertainties is once again evident. Google is pulling the plug on the Google Play Movies & TV app on smart TVs. As of June 15, it’s over and done with. From then on you can only watch Google videos via YouTube.

Any previously purchased movies will appear in the library of the YouTube app. However, it will not be possible to purchase new movies with a family license. From mid-June onwards, this will only be possible on a personal basis, which makes sharing films a thing of the past.


On Android smartphones and tablets, Google Play Movies & TV has already disappeared and been replaced by Google TV. All a bit confusing, we can conclude. The only bright spot is that your purchases will be retained, but from now on to be found in YouTube.

So no panic if your movie collection suddenly seems to have disappeared. The only requirement is that your TV is still up to date, as always older devices may fall by the wayside. How and whether the switch to YouTube works there remains to be seen.

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