High End Munich will not take place this year either

High End München

Although the High End Munich had already been rescheduled for September this year, the organization decided to cancel the fair altogether for this year, given the pretty bad Covid situation.

On a global scale, Covid is still far from under control. This obviously has repercussions for the organization of major events, which also includes an expo like the High End Munich. Just like last year, the organization is forced to cancel the festivities this year.

For a while there was hope that the exhibition could take place in September this year, but given the ever new outbreaks, the organization simply does not consider it responsible to organize such a large-scale event. For the time being the High End is therefore postponed to May 2022, where it remains to be seen what the state of affairs is as far as Covid is concerned.

Incidentally, we read this news on this page of HiFi Pig. On the site of the High End itself is not yet really clear to find things, so just a little further. In the banner there is mention of Munich 2022, but in the month of September. So keep an eye on that page for the final news, we would say!

IFA takes the gamble (for now)

In the context of the High End Munich cancellation, it is all the more striking that the organization of the IFA is willing to take the substantial risks for granted. They recently announced that as far as they are concerned, this year will be ‘business as usual’ as far as the Berlin fair is concerned.

This seems to us to be a rather bold statement, because it could well be that we will be riding a new wave of new virus variants in the autumn. In any case, it is not a very wise idea to visit such a large event if you have not yet been vaccinated. The motto is protect yourself and your environment. For that reason alone, it could be that really big fairs will have to run a lot smaller in the coming decade in order to prevent too many people from attending.

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