Logitech discontinues Harmony remotes


Once upon a time, they were the solution for users of audio-visual equipment in the living room: universal remote controls like Logitech’s Harmony’s.

Logitech is a big name in computer peripherals. And especially control-related stuff. Think mice, keyboards and so on. It was also a big name in the field of universal remote controls. The Harmony series was a godsend for anyone who kept losing that one remote control when they needed it.

Meanwhile, we are in 2021. Remote controls play an increasingly minor role. Many devices are now operated via an app on the phone. Also, devices connected via HDMI can often be controlled via one and the same remote. The arrival of smart devices such as Android set-top boxes, Apple TV, smart assistants, equally smart TVs and more are also making the concept of remote control increasingly subordinate.

End of practice

And so Logitech has announced it is discontinuing its Harmony remotes. The remaining stock will be sold, but there is nothing new in the pipeline. So if you are still using a lot of slightly older equipment in your home, then it is important to take action now if you want a universal remote control.

The question is how long Logitech will continue to support the Harmony. For now, they say that is the case as long as it is still being used. But where is the limit?

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