Radio Paradise: streaming MQA radio station

Radio Paradise

Radio Paradise will now stream in MQA quality, exclusively for the BluOS platform, Lenbrook International announces. Radio for audiophiles, in other words.

Lenbrook International owns the brands Bluesound, NAD, PSB speakers and the BluOS platform. Not entirely surprising that they announced the brand new Radio Paradise in MQA quality and the accompanying partnership. The streams in this quality are available exclusively for BluOS devices, on all four channels of the station. This will include the use of 24-bit masters whenever available. MQA is best known from the Tidal Masters, while several providers also offer downloadable MQA files for sale.

Four themed channels available

This month, all BluOS devices will receive an update. After implementing it, you will be able to set MQA as a native streaming option. The feature will also be available on all future devices running BluOS. Think NAD, DALI, Monitor audio and others. By the way, Radio Paradise has been around for over twenty years; the station started streaming back in 2000.

There are now four themed channels available: DJ Mixes, Mellow World and Rock. So there is something for everyone. Naturally, both Lenbrook and Radio Paradise are pleased with the collaboration. It means for the radio station at least another group and possibly new listeners charmed by quality, which is always nice.

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