Samsung chooses OLED after all


For years, Samsung was an ardent critic of OLED screens. Now the company will buy them from archrival LG. Interesting developments!

Samsung agitated against OLED for years. It repeatedly pointed to the eventual burn-in of this type of display, as well as its fast(er) aging. These were partly claims that – depending on use – could be justified.

And it was easy for Samsung to say that, because they had a – in their own words – much better alternative: QD or Quantum Dot displays. The practical problem is that manufacturers can hardly get the costs out of the in-house manufactured panels. The Chinese are flooding the market with cheap alternatives and there is really no way to compete.

Samsung could now choose between a Chinese supplier or an A-brand with some of its own ingredients.


It is the latter that Samsung apparently has chosen. Because ultimately it is not about pure OLED displays that will soon be deployed. What was finally ordered from LG is a hybrid screen consisting of a combination of blue OLEDs and red and green Quantum Dots. No doubt this will be followed by a strong marketing campaign claiming that this hybrid combines all the advantages of both technologies.

This is, of course, a load of rubbish, because you could just as easily say that it unites the disadvantages. Anyway, interesting to see that born competitors appear to need each other. To be continued, no doubt.

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