Sony rolls out (partial) HDR fix for PS5


Although the Sony PlayStation 5 is still sparsely available, the first major firmware update for it has been released.

The brand new Sony PS5 is plagued by both poor deliverability and an HDR bug. There’s nothing you can do about the first. But if you have managed to score a PlayStation 5 despite the shortage, then you have probably already noticed that HDR may not work. Annoying, but Sony has released its first major firmware update for the game console / media player. Silently incorporating a new option that allows you to turn on HDR “if supported”.

Software or hardware problem?

Problem is, it only works for games. If you turn on HDR, then HDR via streaming services, for example, still does not work well. In the case of Disney+ it even seems that you just get a black screen. In short: Sony is still not completely out of the woods.

Hopefully it is indeed a software problem and not a hardware problem related to this phenomenon that we wrote about before. Anyway, good to see that in the case of the PS5 there is at least movement in the matter and software modifications – at least partially – provide a solution. That gives some hope for the future. By the way: HDR of course only works on an HDR-capable television, on an “ordinary” device it is pointless to try.

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