Spotify gets voice assistant


We can’t seem to get around voice assistants these days and Spotify is now also going to join in!

Spotify has begun rolling out a voice assistant. After uttering – how original – “Hey Spotify,” the fun can begin. At that point, you actually bring up the app. Incidentally, it is a must to have the app running. This is not a speech assistant integrated into the operating system, but an app-based function. You will find the option in the settings panel of Spotify.

Don’t see it there yet? Don’t worry: as mentioned, it is all being rolled out in phases. And that means for you: a little more patience. Moreover, in – for example – Dutch-speaking regions, it will probably take a little longer before it works.

Safe driving, for example

Once Spotify is listening to you, you get access to a number of potentially handy hands-free functions. The popular music service ‘s voice assistant may also benefit safety while driving. And in that respect, this new feature from Spotify may also be an instant sneak preview into the future of the app. For some time there have been rumors about a “Car Thing”, a device that Spotify has built into the cars of a selected American audience. To gain insight into their listening behavior while driving. But that measuring device could also become a really loose and more widely deployable gadget, someday.

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