Vincent KHV-200 tube headphone amplifier


Vincent has released a new tube-based headphone amplifier, the KHV-200. In which, by the way, semiconductors are also present.

Vincent’s new KHV-200 headphone amplifier has hot-hot tubes inside. One of the challenges with a headphone amplifier is, that the frequency range of headphones is wider than that of a speaker. Also, the range of impedances that headphones can have is much larger, running from about 16 to 600 Ohms. The Vincent KHV-200, according to the manufacturer, should not have to worry about any of that, thanks in part to its hybrid construction. Concerning tubes, two pentodes (E180F) and a double triode (ECC82) are used. Apart from that you will also find some modern semiconductors in it.

Jack or XLR-4

You connect headphones via the 6.3 mm jack connector at the front, or go for XLR-4 at the back. On the same rear panel, you’ll find inputs for CD and AUX, as well as a REC and a PRE output. If the output level for the headphones you are using is just a bit too high, there is a switch to reduce the gain by 8 dB.

On the Vincent KHV-200 you will also find a balance control in addition to a volume control. The 3.6 kg device is thus complete. Available in black and silver for €999.

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