AudioQuest presents JitterBug FMJ

AudioQuest releases a new USB filter that should take care of both data and voltage noise. And all at a pleasant price.

It will come as no great surprise to anyone with the slightest technical knowledge that the average USB connection on the average PC or notebook delivers a rather polluted signal. HF noise and other interferences potentially corrupt a digitally transferred audio signal. The AudioQuest JitterBug FMJ therefore comes in handy.

The €59 Jitterbug connects to the source (for example, the notebook) and on the other side you connect to a DAC. From that moment on it should be done with noise and other disturbances.


By the way, should you be wondering what FMJ stands for, we have the answer for you: Full Metal Jacket. In other words, a dongle built completely into a metal housing.

Naturally, the JitterBug FMJ works perfectly with the DragonFly (also produced by AudioQuest and available in different versions) USB-DAC. Which in turn makes the combination ideally suited for mobile use. Incidentally, the JitterBug is probably ‘most interesting for the DragonFly Black and Red, the newer Cobalt already contains (part of the) circuitry from the JitterBug. Yet it is also true that with the separate version you may realize just a little more effect, so it’s a matter of trying.

The JitterBug FMJ is at the time of writing not yet to be found on the site of Audioquest itself, but already here at Bax (and for a better price even)

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