IsoAcoustics with new Aperta Sub base


IsoAcoustics expands the Aperta Series with a new subwoofer base, with the obvious name of Aperta Sub.

IsoAcoustics launches the new Aperta Sub foot. An accessoire with which, according to the manufacturer, you maximize the enjoyment of your bass. And at the same time – not entirely unpleasant in our overpopulated regions – keep the neighbors on their toes.

The Aperta Sub is an isolation solution for subwoofers weighing up to 36.3 kilos. The base should provide better bass definition, while reducing droning to adjacent rooms.

According to IsoAcoustics, the Aperta Sub allows you to avoid costly and complex listening room adjustments; the base should eliminate ambient background noise.

Flooring feet included

Furthermore, according to IsoAcoustics, the Aperta Sub should guarantee tighter bass response and greater clarity. By decoupling the sub from the supporting surface, the foot takes over the task as manager of the bass energy.

The design of the foot is – as the manufacturer informs us – simplicity itself, consisting of top and bottom isolators connected via a rigid frame. The patented IsoAcoustics isolators are directional and designed to position the subwoofer so that it is in line with the drivers.

In addition, the Aperta Sub also comes with floor-mounted feet, equipped with spikes that firmly anchor the unit to the floor. The feet are available as of June 7 this year, at an affordable price of €179 each.

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