Live Stream Event – 30-05-2021 – Four Top D/A Converters

Next Sunday – 30-05-2021 at 10:30 CEST – we are going to check out some very nice d/a-converters. Pricerange around 4000 Euro. In the Artone studios, with live music. In short: it’s party time!

As always, we wrote to everyone we know who has a matching model. About 13 manufacturers in total. The thing is: there is a little bit of a chip shortage. That makes it pretty difficult right now, unfortunately.

Manufacturers that don’t rely on AKM chips tend to have some stock. But even there you see problems in other areas. Fortunately, we still managed to get hold of interesting models! The list of certain participants is as follows:

  • Bryston BDA3
  • Denafrips Venus II
  • Sonnet Morpheus (V2)
  • Rockna Wavelight

Test System

The test system is well known to you. It is in fact our own reference system: the Focal Sopra No1, Pass Labs XP-12, Bryston 4B SST3 and Ambre with Mutec MC3+. Cables from Audioquest, Grimm and Driade.

Musical delight

We have Sam & Julia as a duo in the studio this time. Here you already have a taste:

Set a reminder!

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