Live Stream Event – High End Streamers

We have another wonderful live stream planned for you. On May 9, 2021 at 10:30 we are going to start listening to three ultra-high-quality streamers: Naim ND555, Grimm MU-1 with Mola Mola and the beautiful MSB Discrete DAC with renderer module. In short: the crème de la crème. In order to be able to hear the differences properly, we used the Grimm LS1be. We know this speaker quite well ourselves and we know that at this level it can really make the differences audible. Moreover, we have tested it in previous streams: so you therefore have some reference.

This time we will also use live music. Melle Boddaert is going to play for you – and us. He is fond of really crazy instruments, so expect some special sounds. And beautiful songs, of course.

Live Stream Event high-end streamers

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