Live stream Event – Three high-end streamers

This Sunday -09-05-2021 at 10:30 CEST – we have a very special event for you! Three stunning streamers – with dacs – on a pair of Grimm LS1be. It concerns the MSB Discrete with double power supply and render, NAIM ND555 + PS555 and the Grimm MU-1 via the Mola Mola Tambaqui. It doesn’t get much better than that.

In order to make the differences audible in a proper way, we need some ‘big guns’. That’s why we use the Grimm LS1be. We know this speaker quite well ourselves and we know that at this level it can really make the differences audible. Also… it has featured in another stream.

And of course: we also have some very nice live music. Melle Boddaert is going to play for you – and us. He is fond of really crazy instruments, so expect some special sounds. And beautiful songs, of course.


We’ve been doing a lot of research on microphone setups lately. With the previous set-up we managed quite well to convey differences in sound. Detail as well. But one of the biggest challenges is to capture a stereo image. Space. Now we are able – we think – to capture that pretty well as well. With the bonus that we lost a bit of coloration.

We are going to run with two set-ups. You are listening to the new set-up. We are curious what you think of it.

Live Stream Event – High End Streamers


  1. Gentleman: Very exciting ‘comparo’ !

    And yet, such premium components placed upon -what rack/hi-fi stands are you using?

    It must be understood that, at the very least, each ‘competitor’ must have its own
    ‘rack/stand’ -and not shared with other components.

    At the ver least, a rack (inexpensive but very effective) is this from Lovan:

    There are other manufacturer’s of similar construction (completely modular/isolated)
    but of higher manufacturing precision (Norstone, Grand Prix?).

    Such a consideration as product isolation (from the others) is of paramount consideration
    and can easily impact the outcome of your current set-up/comparo -whatever that may
    eventually be…

    peter jasz

      1. HI Jap: Three of the Lovan’s (or similar) hi-fi stands consumes the identical floor space -in fact likely less- than the supports/stands used in this comparison/shoot-out.

        In any case, the device on its own dedicated stand (Naim stack) should, in theory, sound best (all else being equal) but clearly it does not …

        peter jasz

  2. Is it just me, OR does the MSB (Discrete -w dual PS) sound waaaaay better than the others?

    AND, not lost on me is that such a distinction can be recognized over/via/through a laptop ??

    Hmmmm …

    peter jasz

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