Luxman L-595A Special Edition Class A Amplifier


Luxman celebrates 95 years of audio-production. And it celebrates that happy fact with a very limited Special Edition L-595A fully analog amplifier.

Looking for a unique pure class A amplifier? Then Luxman has something very special for you. The anniversary version L-595A class A amplifier to be exact. Only 600 copies (half of which are intended for the Japanese market) will be build. And they are yours for €12,595. Something for the real enthusiasts and fans of the brand.

The amplifier puts a maximum power of 2 x 60 watts into 4 Ohms, which is very respectable for a Class A copy.

The design is based on the legendary Luxman L-570, which dates back to 1989. The volume control was originally developed for the preamplifier C-70f; now also a classic from 2003.

Only analog inputs and outputs

As mentioned, the Luxman L-595A is a purely analog amplifier, you will not find any digital inputs or outputs on it. There are six line inputs, two of which are symmetrical (XLR), a phono preamplifier input that can handle both MM and MC cartridges. And finally connections for two pairs of speakers.

A preamp output is also available, as well as an input that couples directly to the output stage.

The L-595A is available from July this year, for the aforementioned price. Information about the newcomer can as yet only be found on the Japanese site – in Japanese….

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