Netflix incrementally introduces Play Something


The frequent couch potato’ing at home and binge watching has left you a little off balance regarding ‘what should I watch next…’? Netflix helps!

To break the dillema’s after many months of couch surfing and binge watching series, Netflix is incrementally introducing the Watch Something feature. It should be a godsend for anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to choose anymore. Just press a button and watch. So let yourself be surprised, but only by something that – according to Netflix – falls within your taste pattern. The choice is made based on your past viewing habits, so there is a good chance that the streaming service will show you something suitable.

Press and watch

The Netflix Play Something functionality is rolling out first on TVs, with Android devices to follow later. When the option will eventually become available in your area (or maybe it already is on some devices!) we can’t predict. It’s just a matter of opening the Netflix app on your TV and looking for the pontifical Play Something button. If so: press it and go. And if you don’t like what you see, just press another button to start something else. In short: an ideal solution for the professional couch potatoe.

And that’s what we have all become in the pandemic, some more than others..

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