‘Old’ Sony TVs get new Android TV interface


The new Google Android TV user interface is (finally) coming to Sony Bravia TVs, including a whole range of older models.

That televisions are used primarily for television and movie watching as well as gaming means that the devices tend to last quite a long time. After all, not everyone needs to have the latest 8K model in their living room. To encourage people to buy a new television, support for the “smart” part of the devices often stops after two or three years.

Fortunately, there are also manufacturers who look a little more at sustainability. Sony appears to be one of them, a large part of their Bravia televisions are getting an upgrade. Interestingly, older models are also included. And that, after Sony told that there won’t be any updates for older models.


The oldest models mentioned in this article from WhatHifi shows that the oldest models date from 2016. So that is five years old. For TV manufacturers, that’s usually long past the EOL date. In short: your old Bravia – if it’s a model that gets the update – can last for a while again.

So it’s a good idea to check whether the update is already available for you!

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