PSAudio presents compilation album


PSAudio has released a compilation album: the Audiophile Master Series Vol 1 or AMS1. Pulled directly from the DSD masters.

PSAudio has been releasing albums by individual artists for a while now. But – as the high-end manufacturer’s Scott McGowan lets us know – there has been so much good stuff recorded lately that a nice compilation album is the result.

AMS1 contains tracks from various genres and offers something for every taste in music. For example, you will find a solo pianist on it, but also Costa Rican percussion, trumpet music and a string quartet. What all these tracks have in common is a high recording quality.

Physical or download

In total, you will find ten tracks on AMS1, a release from the PSAudio-owned label Octave Records. Artists such as Don Grusin, Kyle Donovan and Josh Halpern make an appearance. In short: if you want to get the most out of your CD or SACD player (this is a two-layer disc including DSD), then AMS1 is a great option.

It also comes with a data DVD containing all master files, and a 40-page full color booklet. If you do not need a physical package: downloading is also possible. For the download version you pay $29 dollar, for the physical package you have to pay $44 dollar.

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