Spotify begins virtual concerts


For now, it’s still a very risky business to host large-scale concerts, which is why Spotify is now going to do it online.

Although many people’s hearts are already starting to beat faster after the easing of the Covid restrictions, we are still far from normal, as Spotify understands. Large-scale concerts are still a long way off in most parts of the world. As long as there are not many more vaccinated people, the virus will continue to spread, gratefully making use of large-scale gatherings.

So why run the risk? Spotify is offering various live concerts as a stream, starting May 27 – tomorrow.

Live and yet not live

The idea is simple: you buy an “admission ticket” for $15. In doing so, you choose a time slot, based on the region. There are various concerts for different time zones, so there is a practical time for everyone to watch. Now here’s a funny thing: the concerts are called live by Spotify, but in the FAQ we read that they are previously recorded recordings that are streamed “live”.

In other words: it’s a one-off event, but it’s not really live. This means that any form of interaction is not possible. Pausing, rewinding or watching it again later is also not possible. In this respect, they are unique one-off experiences, just like a real life concert. In any case, the idea is fun, and the “entrance fee” is fine. However, you must have a Spotify account, even one for the free service.

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