Spotify throws up prices in UK


Spotify has raised its subscription prices in the UK; something that has clearly been coming for a while. Now we just have to wait and see what will happen here.

Hopefully it’s simply one of those many ‘unexpected’ side effects of Brexit (and therefore ‘the rest of the world’ won’t be affected): the price increase of Spotify subscriptions in the UK.

Previously, we wrote about a customer survey that the music streaming service conducted there. With the question of whether customers would object to a more expensive subscription. Apparently the British clientele has no problem with that, as evidenced by the fact that the price increase has now actually been implemented.

The British will be paying £1 more per month starting at the end of this month; a Family subscription even costs £2 more.

And the rest…?

By the way, the newly determined subscription prices of Spotify’s UK branch are about 1 to 3 Pounds lower than originally proposed in the customer survey. Now it remains to be seen what Spotify will do in other countries. And whether competing music streaming services will use Spotify’s increase to take a critical look at their own pricing.

Last but not least, there is the question mark over the price of the lossless stream promised by Spotify. It doesn’t seem to be getting any cheaper, in any case. And that possibly brings the danger of illegal downloads back into the picture for “end users”. Because if an expected economic crisis soon sets in, subscriptions to this kind of non-essential entertainment are often the first to go.

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