Synology presents new RackStations


Synology is proud to introduce the new RackStation RS2421+ and RS2421RP+ with 12 slots and RackStation RS2821RP+ with 16 slots.

In general, Synology’s RackStations are designed for business applications. This is also the case with the newly announced models. However, a device like this can also be useful for home users. For example, if you are an avid movie buff and proudly own a home theater. A hefty 8K film collection takes up a lot of file space, so some breathing room in terms of storage options is not a bad thing.

“The RS2421(RP)+ and RS2821RP+ (pictured above) are powerful storage solutions designed for small and medium-sized businesses,” said Julien Chen, Product Manager at Synology Inc. “These devices are perfect as reliable storage servers because of their abundant storage capacity, enhanced performance and redundant power supply,” Chen adds. “They also support essential applications for remote work, such as Synology Office, Synology Drive and Synology Chat, our solutions for sharing files and increasing productivity. This keeps employees connected and business data accessible.”

More than twice as fast

The new RackStation units significantly outperform their predecessors, according to Synology.(1) RS2421(RP)+ offers 103% more IOPS for random write and 161% more IOPS for read, while RS2821(RP)+ offers 115% more IOPS for random write and 162% more IOPS for read.(2)

Tailoring to need

“The RS2421(RP)+ and RS2821P+ can be equipped with a Synology 10GbE or 25GbE 2-port NIC(3) to improve network throughput, or with a Synology M.2 adapter card and high-speed NVMe SSDs to create an SSD cache.(4) This is a cost-effective way to boost the random read/write IOPS of hard drive arrays without occupying standard drive slots. The rackmount units support up to 32 GB of DDR4 ECC memory.(5) By adding an RX1217(RP) expansion unit, the number of drive slots can be expanded to 24 for the RS2421(RP)+ and to 28 for the RS2821RP+. The units are covered by Synology’s 3-year warranty, extendable to 5 years in certain regions.”

More than 150 apps

“The DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system runs on all Synology NAS devices, connecting them to a vast ecosystem of powerful solutions. Hyper Backup allows users to back up their NAS data to the cloud and other targets, while the Active Backup suite provides robust backup of Windows clients, servers, file servers and virtual machines. Synology Drive, Chat and Office enable hassle-free collaboration among remote workers with office applications, a file sharing feature and a chat function all accessible through the browser. Surveillance Station transforms RackStations and other models into complete surveillance solutions supporting up to 40 cameras.(8) Certified integration with VMware, Windows and other virtualization platforms ensure hassle-free management of VM storage.”


The RS2421+, RS2421RP+ and RS2821RP+ are available immediately from Synology resellers. Notes (1) Compared to the previous generation RS2418(RP)+ and RS2818RP+. (2) Performance was achieved in Synology labs with optimized configuration and network settings. Actual performance may vary depending on the environment. Please visit Synology’s performance page for detailed information on test settings. (3) Compatible NICs include E25G21-F2, E10G21-F2, E10G18-T2, E10G18-T1. Refer to the compatibility list for the latest compatible devices. (4) NVMe SSD cache can be enabled with Synology M2D20 or E10M20-T1 SSD cache adapter cards when SNV3400/3500 NVMe SSDs are installed. (5) Maximum memory upgrades allow for a greater number of concurrent connections, hosting more virtual machines with Virtual Machine Manager, larger volumes, and other enhancements. For more information, refer to the device datasheet. (6) Supports LFF (3.5″) or SFF (2.5″) SATA drives. Please refer to Synology’s compatibility list for drive compatibility. Each of the three units can expand capacity with one Synology RX1217(RP) expansion unit, sold separately. (7) The warranty period begins on the purchase date indicated on your receipt. Learn more about our Limited Product Warranty policy. RS2421+, RS2421RP+ and RS2821RP+ come with a 3-year warranty, which can be extended to 5 years with the optional EW202 bundle, an add-on for a 2-year extension of warranty service. (8) Surveillance Station comes with two free camera licenses. To install more cameras and devices, you need additional licenses.

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