Tidal streaming app on LG televisions


Tidal is now available on televisions from LG, and that includes support for Dolby Atmos. Pretty cool: a big-screen view of your music!

A version of Tidal has been released for LG televisions. After installation, owners of LG TVs can now listen comfortably(er?) from the comfort of their living room. The new app is compatible with devices produced between 2018 and 2021, running webOS versions 4.0 to 6.0. The streaming service features a wide hi-res range of tracks.

The formats MQA, Sony 360 Reality Audio and the Dolby Atmos Music library are available. So you can enjoy more spacious sound than ever when your home theater set or an Atmos-capable soundbar are used as the reproducer.

Remixes and new

By the way, the Dolby Atmos library was launched in 2019. Among other things, you will find older remixes on it, but also completely newly mixed music specially conceived for the surround system. Needless to say, the LG Tidal app also requires you to subscribe to the music service to unlock its full potential. But after that, the fun can begin.

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