Violectric PPA V790 phono preamplifier


Germany’s Violectric has announced the new PPA V790 phono preamplifier, ideal for the serious vinyl enthusiast.

The new Violectric PPA V790 phono preamplifier features no less than six separate phono inputs. Three times cinch / single ended,  and the other three as XLR. Also at the output, you can choose between cinch and XLR.

Each input can be set as MM or MC, where in the case of MC you can choose from seven selectable input impedances. If you go for MM, then eight capacitance settings are ready for you.

For each input, the chosen configuration is saved, so you don’t have to reset everything every time.

RIAA, NAB and Columbia

Practical is also the boost function that the Violectric PPA V790 phono preamplifier has on board. It increases – as the name undoubtedly suggests – the signal level when it is needed.

Then there’s the subsonic filter that truncates frequencies below 20 Hz, with a stylishness of 12 dB per octave. To keep an eye on clipping, a special warning LED has been provided.

The input stage of the PPA V790 is DC-coupled and constructed with cascaded bipolar transistors. According to the manufacturer, this should lead to a large bandwidth and low distortion. In the specs we therefore see a noise floor of 143 dB at a gain of 66 dB.

Finally, this Violectric not only supports the usual RIAA correction filter, but also NAB and Columbia filters are available. You should pay a fee of €3990 for the Violectric PPA V790 phono preamplifier, available from the third quarter of this year.

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