Xtorm Solar Charger: waterproof refueling


The Xtorm Xtreme Solar Charger features a built-in 5000mAh battery (XR103) and a solar panel for on-the-go recharging.

More and more devices are wireless. Think of your smartphone of course, but certainly also the Bluetooth headphones or speaker, the mobile hi-res music player and so on. It is usually downright annoying if you end up with an empty device somewhere along the way.

In the wilds of the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, for example, there is usually no electrical outlet at hand. But there is a source of energy that is always ready, especially on summer days: the sun. The Xtorm Xtreme Solar Charger makes full use of the sun during vacations and outdoor activities thanks to the built-in high-efficiency solar panel of 1 watt.

Charge your smartphone up to 1.5 times

The 5000 mAh battery has enough power to charge a smartphone at least one and a half times, according to the manufacturer. The Xtorm Xtreme Solar Charger has a robust contemporary design in the color black with orange accents. It weighs just 167 grams (comparable to the weight of a smartphone), making it the perfect travel buddy for outdoor activities, hikes, bike rides, festivals and more.

Some extra Sunny News!

In addition to charging a smartphone or e-reader via solar energy, this Xtorm Xtreme Solar Charger is also equipped with a powerful built-in flashlight. Useful when it is dark at the campsite, in the tent or on the road. In addition, the housing of the solar charger made of extra strong material, which can withstand a bump. The Xtorm Xtreme Solar Charger comes complete with a convenient hook for the solar charger to a (back) bag or pocket to confirm.

Complete and affordable

The Xtorm Xtreme Solar Charger can be charged by daylight, but also via USB. Thanks to two USB outputs (USB-A and USB-C) you can charge two mobile devices simultaneously. The universal Xtorm Solar Charger is suitable for charging all brands of smartphones and e-readers.

The fully equipped Xtorm Xtreme Solar Charger 5000mAh (XR103) is available from € 29.95 including VAT and 2 years warranty. The Xtorm Xtreme Solar Charger (XR103) is part of the Xtorm Xtreme series. All products in this series are intended for outdoor activities. Other products in this series include: Xtorm Xtreme Rugged Power Banks 10,000 and 20,000 (XR101 and XR102), Xtorm Xtreme Solar Charger 10,000 (XR104) and the powerful 4.5W solar charger Xtorm Xtreme Super Solar Charger 10,000 (XR105).

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