Audio Pro presents portable P5 wireless speaker

Audio Pro

The summer months have started again, and for some of the population that means music outside. With this new P5 from Audio Pro, for example.
Whether everyone is equally enamored with your music in public places we wisely leave in the middle. Fact is that with the appearance of the sun people move outside. Some of these people like to enjoy a little music, preferably without headphones. This is where a portable speaker like the new P5 from Audio Pro comes in handy.

The P5 is the brand’s first truly portable wireless speaker; it fits easily into a handbag. The manufacturer says that despite its compact size, the speaker still produces the powerful sound that Audio Pro is known for. The frequency range runs from 57 Hz to 20 kH, according to the specifications.

14 hours playing time

The Audio Pro P5 is wind and water (rain) resistant. But know that it is not completely waterproof. So you should not go swimming with it, for example.

If you set the volume control halfway, the built-in battery plays for about 14 hours from full charge. If you turn the knob to maximum, a maximum of 4 hours of playing time remains. You can pair two P5s to form a pair of stereo speakers.

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