Beats Studio Buds in-ears


Beats – for some time now with Apple as its owner – has released the Studio Buds in-ears, equipped with basically everything you could want.
The new Beats Studio Buds are an attractive “alternative” to the Apple AirPods. But know that for Apple it will make little financial difference; they own Beats.

The Studio Buds are equipped with ANC or Active Noise Cancelling. They can also be used outdoors by sports enthusiasts thanks to protection against sweat and rain (IPX4 rating). Also, at only 5 grams each, the caps are feather light.


When fully charged, the Beats Studio Buds’ built-in battery gives you five hours of playtime (with ANC turned on). As is customary these days, the storage case also contains a rechargeable battery, which (if you haven’t forgotten to charge it, that is) gives you two more socket-less refueling hours.

Without ANC, the in-ears play for 8 hours on a full charge. A nice extra is that the in-ears can be found in iOS and Android if you lose them. Play an irritating noise and chances are you will find them again in a pocket, sofa or behind the bed. The Beats Studio Buds cost €149.95.

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