Believe and TuneCore launch in the Netherlands


Your own music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or TikTok? It’s possible thanks to Believe and TuneCore. The global providers of digital music distribution services for independent artists are expanding activities in the Benelux. Believe and subsidiary platform TuneCore, the independent world leader in digital music distribution, today officially announced the expansion of their activities to the Benelux. When using TuneCore the artist retains 100% of the rights and revenues from his or her music.

The additional services of Believe are there to provide support in all stages of the musical career. Together, the companies offer music artists international access to the music market. With local operations in 14 countries and on 4 continents, TuneCore is the largest global DIY music platform for independent artists and labels. The expansion in the Benelux is a new step in the ongoing global expansion.

Easy access to the music market

Believe, a pioneer in the digital music world since 2005, offers – we read in the press release – a total solution for independent labels and artists in all stages of their development and uses its digital expertise to make the music market more accessible through innovative technology. With Tunecore, Believe offers a global DIY platform that allows artists to put their own music on more than 150 streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok and Deezer.

In doing so, artists retain full control over their musical careers, receive 100% of all revenue and retain ownership of their music. In addition, TuneCore has developed an educational loyalty program with master classes and provides the tools necessary for a successful self-release and to collect royalties worldwide.

International priority for local acts

Through a distribution deal, TuneCore artists can use additional services with Believe. Believe can make local acts an international priority by offering their songs and videos to playlist curators of various streaming services worldwide and works closely with digital platforms to offer new promotion and marketing tools. This allows artists to expand their digital reach and thus generate more streams, views, interactions and revenue.

More revenue for independent artists and labels

Believe has just raised €300 million through an IPO in Paris to support its international growth strategy. Believe currently operates in 50 countries and, together with TuneCore, is responsible for much of the international digital distribution of music.

‘As a preferred partner with both Spotify and Apple Music and the number one independent music partner with YouTube, the company can negotiate advantageous rates directly and without an intermediary with the streaming platforms resulting in higher payouts for its artists and labels. This sets TuneCore apart from other DIY platforms. More than 1 million TuneCore artists have collectively earned more than $2 billion. For example, the platform played an important role for Dutch artist Davina Michelle at the start of her career in self-releasing her cover songs and building a fan base. Sevdaliza also works with TuneCore and international artists Queen, Björk and Slayer with Believe,’ we read.

Digital surge

“Due to the corona crisis, digital transformation has accelerated. More than 80% of Dutch music revenue now comes from streaming and independent artists and labels are stronger than ever before. We now want to offer our expertise, data and technology in the Benelux as well, and with Believe and TuneCore also become the digital distribution partner of the independent music community here.” – Nikolaas De Belie, Head of Believe & TuneCore Benelux.

More diversity, equality and inclusion

The press release continues:

“At Believe and TuneCore, diversity, equality and inclusion are part of the company’s DNA. Therefore, they recently conducted research on the underrepresentation of women in the music industry. The report, BE THE CHANGE: Woman Making Music 2021, is designed to bring about meaningful change in the industry by addressing sexual harassment, objectification and age discrimination, among other issues. The music industry collectively has a responsibility to change mindsets and behaviors to create a better environment for all women in our community.

Users in the Netherlands

With the launch of the platform in the Benelux, TuneCore is temporarily offering a 50% discount on new releases. Use the discount code BENELUX50 at checkout or sign up for free via this link.

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