Cambridge Audio Evo S compact speakers

Cambridge Audio

The Cambridge Audio Evo S are actually ‘intended’ as matching compact speakers to the Evo 75 and Evo 150, but of course they can be used for anything.

Measuring 28.4 x 20 x 21 cm, the Evo S from Cambridge Audio is delightfully compact. It is a 2-way system with rear-facing bass reflex on board. The manufacturer has fitted a 165mm driver with an anodised aluminium cone for the midrange, the treble is handled by a 25mm tweeter.

Appropriate Design

Cambridge Audio reports a sensitivity of 88 dB/W/m and a frequency range that runs from 50 Hz to 40 kHz. In terms of external design, the speakers fit perfectly with the already mentioned Evo 75 and Evo 150 from the same manufacturer. The Audio Evo S speakers come with a price tag of €749.

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