DS Audio presents DS003 optical cartridge

DS Audio

DS Audio has released the new DS003 optical cartridge, with LED and photodiode for left and right channel.

The new construction with an LED and photodiodes for both channels in the new DS Audio DS003 provides a – compared to its predecessors – significantly higher output signal. From 40 to 70 mV to be exact. In doing so, the signal-to-noise ratio has been maintained according to the manufacturer. Furthermore, the weight of the newcomer has been reduced by 50%, thanks to the use of beryllium, among other things. Compared to a traditional MC cartridge we are talking about a weight of 90% less!

Matching DS003 equalizer

The DS Audio optical cartridge comes with the DS003 equalizer, which also has some technical improvements. For example, you can set the cut-off filter for bass, divided into four types. More information on the product page of the DS003.

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